The American Alliance of Healthcare Providers Hospital of Choice Awards Was Founded in 2002 to Recognize Outstanding Customer Service Delivery.

We look forward to an opportunity to consider hospital applications for this important recognition. The Hospital of Choice Award is proof positive that a facility has the right stuff to meet the needs of families, clinicians and managed care organizations seeking a healthcare partner to work with.

A press release is sent to all applicants and more than 1,000 healthcare provider organizations, notifying them of Choice Award winning facilities.
Any state licensed hospital may apply. Selections are made quarterly
Hospitals may apply in one of four categories which is based on the number of staffed beds available for patient care.
Hospital of Choice Award certificate of recognition are sent to each winning facility.
Recognition is for a period of 1 year from the date of selection; however, winning facilities are posted on the website for 2 years.
For a Hospital of Choice Award application, please send a request by email to of Choice Awards selections are issued solely under the authority of the American Alliance of Healthcare Providers, Inc. Applicants are judged solely on the merits of the application and interviews conducted by AACHP.​

who we are

The American Alliance of Healthcare Providers is dedicated to improving the cooperation, communication and exchange of ideas between hospitals striving to improve performance and customer satisfaction. In this regard, the Alliance is committed to strengthening the administrative functioning of member hospitals by providing educational services. Educational services include a National Phone Conference on Strategic Planning in Healthcare Organizations and performance improvement consultants available to assist you.

AAHCP honorary members may request a 25% discount off regular consultation fees or the Choice Award application fee. The Alliance is best known for sponsoring The Hospital of Choice Awards, a national awards program in customer service. All Choice Award winning facilities automatically become honorary members of the Alliance. Full membership is reserved for a select group of healthcare professionals chosen for their commitment to service excellence and reputation for professionalism, unquestionable ethics, and high level of achievement.


America Alliance Of Healthcare Professionals


Thanks to the generosity of Alliance supporters, the fee for applying for the Choice Awards has been greatly reduced and should be affordable for even the tightest budget. Applications are reviewed quarterly and Hospital of Choice Award winners are notified by email. If an applicant is not selected, they may reapply at no expense the following year.

AAHCP honorary members will automatically have links to their employment opportunities section of their website posted in our healthcare opportunities section. Honorary members will also have a link to their physician search directory posted on our listing.